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  • David D. Holt

Killing A Black Man Named Andrew Brown

Wednesday, April 21, 2021, reports of a North Carolina deputy shooting and killing a Black man named Andrew Brown while serving a search warrant emerged. Elizabeth City authorities explained during an interview that Brown was a convicted felon with a history of resisting arrest. Is his criminal past connected to his murder?

An eyewitness said that Andrew Brown Jr. was shot while trying to drive away and that deputies fired at him multiple times. Demetria Williams, who lived on the same street as Brown, shared, he was slumped over, and when they opened the door, he was already dead.

Outside City Hall, while the City Council held an emergency meeting, more than 200 protesters, some holding signs proclaiming "Black Lives Matter" and "Stop killing unarmed Black Men," blocked traffic on the main street, forcing traffic to find alternative routes. Martha McCullen, Brown's aunt, stated, "The police didn't have to shoot my baby." Councilman Gabriel Adkins expressed, "I'm afraid that I may be the next one that my family might have to see on the news that I was gunned down."

How do you feel? Was this a racial issue? Are the police targeting and killing criminals only? Leave a comment and follow us on social media today!

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