TMPRadio guidelines

The Melting Pot Radio aims to adhere to FCC guidelines and mirror broadcast radio regulations. Even though the FCC agrees internet radio is a “national platform,” it is not a local opponent to broadcast.




The Melting Pot Radio pays music artist royalties as long as they are under a music licensing company. If the music artist is in America, royalties are covered as the artist is under ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and SoundExchange. If the music artist is in Canada, royalties are covered as the artist is under SOCAN and Re:Sound. If the music artist is in the UK, royalties are covered as the artist is under PPL and PRS for Music.


Obscene Content


The First Amendment does not protect obscenity, and it is prohibited on cable, satellite, and broadcast TV and radio. However, the same rules for indecency and profanity do not apply to cable, satellite TV, and satellite radio because they are subscription services. The Melting Pot Radio aims to reduce the use of obscene content. Radio edited (minimal to no profanity) music is preferred. 


For content to be ruled obscene it must meet a three-pronged test established by the Supreme Court: 


  1. It must appeal to an average person's prurient interest

  2. Depict or describe sexual conduct in a "patently offensive" way

  3. Lack of serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value.


Indecent content portrays sexual or excretory organs or activities in a patently offensive way but does not meet the three-prong test for obscenity.


Profane content includes "grossly offensive" language that is considered a public nuisance.

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